DeskEngage is a state-of-the-art helpdesk support solution with innovative and transformative features such as multichannel ticketing, workflow automation, AI-powered knowledge base, intuitive dashboards, collaboration tools and most importantly, a business-branded mobile app for your customers.

Our solution spans a variety of domains like IT, Education, Ecommerce, Retail, Real Estate and Finance that require customer support systems, which are easy to use and offer exceptional customer experience.

Our Mission

Our mission at DeskEngage is to efficiently handhold your customers making life better for them, ease the daily work of agents, unclog business flows, and offer a transformative customer experience.

Our Vision

We believe in putting a “smile” on your customer’s face each time through exceptionally responsive customer support with a focus on enhancing operational efficiency of your staff, all ultimately aimed at fostering rapid business growth.

We aim to empower all customer-facing staff AND delight each customer during any interaction, exchange, or communication with the brand.

Message from the CEO

When we looked around for a customer service tool for many of our own business ventures, we hardly found tools in the market that served our needs well. We decided to build our own to meet the subtle needs of our customers, often carefully stepping into the customer’s shoes and walking in them for a while. DeskEngage is thus a product born out of need and experience.

We have always been ‘customer obsessed’, not because it is fashionable to do so but because it is how relentless new entrants chart their own course to market leadership. We have seen and experienced how passion for customer delight can build companies rapidly, and on the other hand how those who took their eyes off the ‘customer’ perished eventually.

We have built our own company by putting our customers in the middle of our universe, and all our products reflect that philosophy. We realize that it is indeed a daunting task to build teams, processes and technology that are unwaveringly customer focused. We want to showcase our experiences through our products and help our customers follow suit. Through continuous reiteration of our thought and technology leadership on strategies for customer service, we want to show our customers how to resolutely build revenues and brand equity.

Babu Thiagarajan
Chairman & CEO