360-Degree View

Let your support team have complete control over the ticketing system with DeskEngage’s intuitive 360 Customer View dashboard. Leverage the dashboards to have a bird’s eye view of all the customer activities so that your team can immediately clear any backlog, and never allow tickets to go stale or overdue. Also, identify performance gaps to plan for the agent’s performance improvement and training needs.


Solve tickets faster and delight your customers. DeskEngage’s ticketing dashboard helps your agents to track tickets and resolve them faster. In addition, the ticketing system automatically routes calls to agents with critical data on the issue the customer is facing. With this ticketing system, you can speed up the ticketing operations and serve customers better. Track all relevant KPI’s related to ticket management.



Help your agents manage contacts seamlessly from the dashboard without having to make any extra efforts. Save your agents time and speed up ticketing activities by providing them quick contact add and delete options. In addition, DeskEngage’s contact feature helps your agent save time in creating new tickets from customers. 

Analytics & Report

Utilize DeskEngage’s analytics feature to identify the overall ticketing activities progress, agent’s efficiency, and closure rate. The analytics data will also help you identify common ticketing trends/historical incidents to help you improve the product/service to avoid any similar tickets from customers and earn their trust. Download the entire ticketing data instantly.  



Define roles and responsibilities for agents, help them with pre-defined response templates to help them serve customers faster. Enable agents to create tags, custom fields, pin tickets and amaze your customers with a personal touch. DeskEngage’s settings feature gives the supervisors and admin complete control over the entire ticketing operations. 

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