Multichannel ticketing

Enable your customers to raise tickets from any channel like emails, live chat, social media, calls, SMS, and empower your support team to capture the ticket without any hassle using the DeskEngage ticketing system. 

Link tickets

Help your agents to link similar and standard tickets from customers to provide solutions in one shot. This advanced feature in DeskEngage helps your agents to save time, avoid silos, and offer faster responses to customers. 


SLA management

A service level agreement in DeskEngage helps the admin set boundaries to manage agents and the ticketing process. For example, you can set rules and expectations for customer response time and evaluate the agent’s performance for resolving a ticket with SLAs.

Canned responses

DeskEngage allows agents to respond to everyday customer queries instantly using predefined responses, otherwise labeled as canned responses. With this feature, your agents can save a lot of time and effort. 


Customize views

Modify the ticketing view to ensure that you have complete control over ticket tracking and follow-ups. Use DeskEngage’s custom view feature to ensure your agents respond to every customer query efficiently and responsively to win their trust.

Assign tickets

Assign tickets to peers seamlessly and ensure that the customer gets the fastest response possible. DeskEngage’s “assign tickets” feature helps assignment of tickets to specialist agents who can respond promptly and accurately to delight customers. 


Ticket templates

Let the agents use the ticket templates to save time in structuring and capturing customer queries from different channels like Emails, Calls, Social Media channels, etc. DeskEngage provides ticket templates to simplify the ticketing process. 

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